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*Please be aware: this site is NSFW. You are reading this at your own risk.

You probably think this is just another job add, from a company which brags about how cool they are and how working for them is awesome (or as Apple like to say „magical”). Furthermore, if you join this super fantastic company your life will be filled with rainbows, unicorns, and bags full of money. We must disappoint you, that is not the case.

We are struggling on daily bases. Our clients occasionally (not) become frustrating and cranky. The requests from them are mostly really weird and hard to understand. But we live on and try to stay positive (sometimes this does not work, and we need to get drunk or play board games just to relax).

We have so much work at WP·Kraken (https://wpkraken.io) that we are looking for new coders (yeah, you got me this is kind of a job add). The core of our team is based in Sosnowiec, Poland but if you are from far, far away (hopefully for you, you are) don’t worry, apply anyway. We need to expand, to better serve all of the „lovely” clients of ours.

We are into Web Development, focused mainly on WordPress. We do CSS/HTML/PHP/JS stuff for clients like Twitch, Suzuki, Lexus or BCG (I am listing them just to give them some exposure - that's how nice we are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). We are looking for experts in web development field. We offer a test period of 5-10 projects so you can see how it is to work with us.

If you are into pirates, want to work hard, push your limits and leave work angry every day (and occasionally shout "release the Kraken”). Just send us your resume and cover letter (if you are not interested in working for us but went this far, just say "Hello").

Kuba (CEO & Founder and Captain of this boat)

P.S If for some reason you want to apply by email, you can contact us at iamyournextgreatcoder. You can probably figure out the rest of the address (if not, well...we do not want you).

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